Cardano Starter Kit

Build Web3 applications on Cardano

This is a starter kit for building cardano web3 applications. It uses use-cardano which is a React hook, context, and set of components for interacting with the Cardano blockchain, which is built on top of Lucid and provides a simple API for interacting with the Cardano blockchain.
The aim of this project is to serve as a simple starting point, but also to help developers get into Cardano dApp development. With that said, this tech stack provides all functionality needed for writing off chain code for dApps and should scale with your needs.
In an upcoming version of this boilerplate, we aim to include a DSL (Domain Specific Language) for the on-chain components of Cardano dApp development. We are still deciding on which language to use, but we are considering either Helios, Aiken, or plu-ts.
The starter project is built on top of Next.js, which is a React framework for building static and dynamic websites. It is a great choice for building dApps, as it is easy to use, and provides a lot of functionality out of the box. It also has a great developer experience, which makes it easy to get started.
For styling, we are using Tailwind CSS, which is a utility-first CSS framework with a good balance of flexibility, composability, and ease of use. It is also very easy to use with Next.js, and provides a lot of functionality out of the box.